About Us

The Smiley Face was created in America and has been part of American culture since its inception. Americans can be proud of the fact that the Smiley Face has since become the international symbol of good will and good cheer. Manufacturers and retailers know that Smiley Face products sell, whether they bear the original Harvey Ball Smiley Face or some variation. Why not add some of our Smiley Face designs and/or products to your own range of Smiley merchandise. This is your opportunity to do well and do good. Consider the following:

  1. The original Smiley Face was created in Worcester, Massachusetts in December 1963 by the late Harvey Ball.
  2. His Smiley Face design is known throughout the world as the most famous smile since the Mona Lisa's and is seen as an image that represents American culture.
  3. The Smiley Face is embraced as a "feel good" image throughout America and the rest of the world. Its very nature promotes peace and good will.
  4. Whether your business is manufacturing, distribution or retail our smiley designs will bring value to your business or add value to your existing Smiley Face merchandise. In addition, since we exist to support the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation and its goals, your participation with us raises your social profile while benefitting the Foundation.